By risk management we mean consolidating many special or neglected areas that can affect a business negatively and place them under one roof to help you cope. From payroll, to IT to HR, keeping them all together makes sense if only from a single sourcing aspect.

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Workers compensation is probably one of the easiest forms of coverage to explain to people.  It is coverage that protects employees and employers from regarding job related injuries.  If an employee were to be injured while working the coverage pays the employees medical bills and also covers a portion of wages until the employee is ready to go back to work. The coverage protects the employer from the exposure of having expenses related to an injured employees and the associated legal liability. The coverage also provides other benefits such as disability and death benefits to employees should a catastrophic event happen while on a the job site. Ultimately, the insurance is meant as a protective device for both the company and its most valuable asset, its employees.

Now that you have a better understanding of how workers compensation protects the employer and its employees. Usually the next question is how do I find an affordable A rated policy? Most business owners turn to a licensed insurance professional to secure this needed coverage.  Agents then go the market place and secure quotes and then later put the coverage into place.  Well what if you could go where the agents go for coverage? 

Tailored Solutions is a national MGA (insurance agent to agents) in the PEO space. We specialize in helping insurance agents and the retail consumer find affordable workers compensation coverage with a twist which provides more benefits to your company.  We have access to markets that provide more than just basic workers compensation. Our markets provide coverage that offers more for less money:

Workers Compensation

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  1. 1.No or low down payment

  2. 2.A rated carriers

  3. 3.Pay as you go payment plans.  Pay more in the busy times and less in the slow times.  This option really helps streamline cash flow

  4. 4.No annual audit

  5. 5.Free payroll service.

  6. 6.EPLI- Employment practices liability insurance- protects your company from employment related litigation such as:  sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination

  7. 7.Comprehensive loss prevention, post accident drug testing and full claims administration

Tailored Solutions specializes in hard to place workers compensation in almost every state in the US.  We can write:  new businesses, height exposure, height experience modifiers, new businesses, gaps in coverage, roofers, and all the artisan trades.

If you are ready to get more for your insurance dollar contact request a “quick quote” and a representative can assist you in getting a quote within 48 hours.  If you are an insurance agent looking for help with hard to place markets go to our “Agent Sign-up” page and someone will contact you about markets and an appointment.

Tailored Solutions is your PEO Access Point.  Let us simplify your search for workers compensation coverage……

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